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Memphis                   Mid-South Volkswagen Club Newsletter           October 2005


Jonesboro, AR Indian Mall, SAT SEP 17, 2005 – Take a deep breath. Blow it out, slowly. Ahhhh… a crisp Saturday morning, a Holiday Inn parking lot, a bucket of water and an arm load of car cleanup items; it’s going to be a great day. There’s not a soul in sight. Lightning’s waiting among the Louisiana cars and trucks for his morning bath. A lady walks a pair of Scotties; and one belligerently warns me with a bark from about 50 yards away. I repay his bravery with a laugh. He watches me over his shoulder as he scurries off.

Best of Show – ’63 Coral Red Ragtop

I don’t have OCD. But I have to say I enjoyed car cleaning, or maybe it was the quiet time. And it gave me quite an appetite too. Can you say “Holiday Inn Breakfast Buffet?”


We caravanned to Jonesboro with Richard, Robbie & little Abby. They stayed at the Holiday Inn too. So we all enjoyed breakfast, before Richard and I made the long ½ mile drive to Indian Mall.

Director’s Choice – Gold Sun Bug

The Jonesboro Club (NEAVF) set up their show to the rear of JC Penney and had a nice, big spread; plenty of room. After we got set up, it wasn’t long before Ricky B. (56 Oval) and Roger F. (61 Beetle) joined us. Ricky and I got drafted to help with judging. So I paired up with Tom L. and Ricky with Don Smith. It didn’t take us long, though. And I still had time to take some photos.

President’s Choice

Did I tell you there were some big clearance sales in the mall? Yeh; Connie, Robbie & Abby deserted us in favor of “girl stuff.” What’s with that? Shopping instead of checking out motors and wheels? Sheeeze!

Who won the Slow-drags? I was stuffing my face in the food court, blinked and missed the whole thing. They must not have been VERY slow drags. The pizza tasted great… sloooow, pizza dough.

As trophy time neared, we all moved our chairs up close to the awards area. It was the first time I actually felt a little overheated. Maybe it was the pizza… or nerves. NEAVF set a record for contestants this year. Even with fuel prices way up, they attracted 42 VWs. Also, they gained a lot of publicity from the local TV station and plenty of spectators.

Best Display –Jack W.

So how did our club do? Ricky B. got 1st in the Custom Split or Oval Beetle. Richard Green got 1st in Stock Ghia Convertible. Roger F. won 1st in the Stock Early Beetle class, People’s Choice, and Best Interior of Show. I won 1st in late Custom Beetle and Best Engine of Show.

Longest Distance Traveled –Limo from near St. Louis, MO

1st in Class & Best Exterior – Alan P.

1st in Class & Best Engine – Bill C.

Tom L. & Don S. check out Roger’s “VW Trends Star.”
1st in Class, People’s Choice & Best Interior – Roger F.

1st Stock Ghia Convertible – Richard G.

CAVF received the Club Participation Award, having approximately 10 members entered. Speaking of CAVF, Alan P. was seen trailering his black convertible and his turquoise convertible “dollied” behind it. Always wondered if you could do that… “woo-woo, I’m a choo-choo!” Alan’s black one was 1st in class and also won Best Exterior of Show. His turquoise convertible won 2nd in class.

But it was no trailering for Roger. He drove his ’61 from Southaven. I would wager that he got a lot better gas mileage than my 5.9L R/T (“Arty”)…. gulp, gulp, gulp. It has a drinking problem.

Don D. outdid himself again with the etched glass trophies. The class trophies were glass mugs; special awards were glass plates; and Best of Show was a gorgeous, large glass vase. I loved the “flamed” Wolfsburg crest too. VERY good job, Don.

1st Custom Oval – Ricky B

Lets see if we can’t get that Club Participation trophy next year! We did it once. Come on guys & gals! We can help them break another record.

Air Bill



Conway, AR Toad Suck Park, SAT OCT 1, 2005 – If you’ve read me on these before, you know how this starts… in the red-eye of Saturday morning, at exactly o’dark hundred, Volkswagen time. Even Mr. Sunshine was asleep. Lightnin’ was waiting patiently on the trailer, all snug under his car cover, as I walked Scruffy one last time. Showered, shaved and shivering, I piled in Arty, cranked the big V8 to life, and slowly, ever so slowly slipped out of the neighborhood. I was determined to nurse 15 mpg out of that rig. Have you ever driven 5 mph UNDER the speed limit on I-40? It can be scary, but Lightnin’ was blocking my view.

Best of Show – Troy s ’65 Convertible

I passed at least 2 vehicles between Memphis and Little Rock, though. They were also pulling cars, and had “U-Haul” painted on their sides. But I was mostly being passed; not that I couldn’t have turned the tables if I wanted to… at the cost of 10 mpg. It was fun, though, noticing how some of Lightnin’s admirers would pass, slow up, fall back and hang beside the trailer for a while checking out his wheels. This would usually be followed by a thumbs up, a horn honk, or the site of a passenger window going up as a point & shoot camera was hauled back inside… or all of the above.

And, have you ever noticed, as you meet a cool car going the other way, its driver is checking out your wheels as you check out theirs? Mutual admiration? 4 classic British sports cars, eastbound were headed to the British car show in Memphis. What is up with this picture? I’m babbling.

So, I arrived at Toad Suck Park after a relaxing 3-hour drive, a quart of black coffee, and a “stop” at the 200-mile stick. My favorite shade tree was still available, so I settled Lightnin’ in for the show. It wasn’t long before the Smiths pulled up in Water Bug. We even got our pictures snapped by the local newspaper reporter as we traded remarks and put the spit-shine on our rides. Hey Don, “Fahrfrommuuvin!”

Oh course, I had to do the photo-tour and snap a lot of pictures for the web site and this article. I couldn’t quite talk myself into a new alternator for Verty. But I did score a tie-died T-shirt. And, hey, the cheeseburger and cheese nachos held me the rest of the afternoon; well, that and a couple of home made cookies. Workout on Monday.

But, now it is time for awards. Troy Shore’s newly completed ’65 mint green convertible cleaned house. It was good for Best Engine, Participants’ Choice and Best of Show. It is really a sweet ride. Leroy Young’s orange Beetle brought home Best Paint and Best Interior. I was good for 1st in Class. Air Bill

1st Place – Oval/Split Window – Jack F.

Best Engine – Troy S.’s ‘65

Best Interior – Leroy Y.

Best Paint – Leroy Young






By Herschel D.



(Due to illness, Herschel missed turning in the Trivia in time for the SEP edition.

1.       Q. What VW model was the first one to be imported from Mexico?

     A.  The 1974-’75 Type 181 Thing.

2.       Q. In what country was a VW model called the “Country Buggy” made?

A.  Australia, it looks sort of like a scaled down Thing. It was made from 1968 to 1972 and only 2000 were made.

3.       Q. What is the “D.I.N” Horsepower (European rating) equivalent of the S.A.E. (U.S.A. rating, the United States switched from “gross” rated horsepower to “S.A.E.” in 1972)) of 40 H.P. (1961-’65) VW engine?

A. 34HP.

4.       Q. What model is a Type 34?

A. The Type 3 “razor edge” Karmann Ghia of 1962-‘69.

5.       Q. in the late ‘40’s and early ‘50’s a police/ parade Beetle with 4 canvas doors was made by two different coach builders, Which ones were they?

A. Hebmullar and Papler. Austro-Tatra made a similar one with 4 metal doors, too!

6.       Q. Who, in VW history, is Erwin Komenda?

  1. He was one of Dr. Porsche’s design office engineers. He created the final shape of the Beetle in 1938.


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1.       VW originally wanted to call the Type 181 Thing, the “Safari” here in the U.S. What kept them from it?

2.       When VW’s 2-seater convertible body building company, Hebmullar, had a fire in their paint shop, in 1949, VW could have financed the repair. Why didn't they?

3.   In Europe, it is common practice for the staff of whole factories to take month long vacations the same time. In what month does VW do that?

4.   Where does the city of Wolfsburg, Germany, VW’s hometown, get its power?

5.   On what date right after WWII did the first true postwar VW Beetle, that was not a Kubelwagen chassis model made from left over wartime parts, made?

7.       A version of one of VW’s models was called an “Alcapulco.”  Which one is it?

Answers next month, along with new questions





Member News

 Martin is going to have a MOMMY! And we’re gaining a member! Yeaah! Tim and Carrie announced their engagement at our meeting last month (SEP). You can tell how happy their “baby” Martin is from the photo below. Look at that pretty baby’s face. Awhhhh… Look for the big date to be sometime in September 2006.

Aired by Bill

VW Horizons

- Bill Conkel -

Adios Cabriolet – Hello Eos

Hello Eos – VW’s new convertible, formerly only known as “Concept C,” won’t be called the Cabriolet. The 2007 ‘vert will be called “Eos” after the Greek goddess of dawn. It will be a 2-door, 4 seater with a retractable hard top, running the new 2.0-L 5-cylinder, and sharing parts with both Passat & Golf. You can pick one up in the US at your VW dealer early next summer.

Your ’66 Westfalia

What’s Your Campmobile Worth? – If you meticulously maintained it since new, washed and covered it after every outing, only ran up 22,000 miles, kept all the paper work and it qualified as the best original Westie in the world…. $99,000. That is what one of this caliber sold to a lady phoning in her bids at the Pebble Beach Auction this last August. It probably seemed cheap since it followed a Ferrari that went for almost $4 million.

Help Me Porsche

Brother Porsche, Sister VW – $3.6 Billion; that is what Porsche is getting ready to spend to buy a 20% piece of Volkswagen to prevent the possibility for a hostile takeover of VW


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How Big are YOUR Horses?

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) has adopted new standards that will affect automakers’ horsepower ratings, for some, drastically. Basically, ratings of American manufacturers either stay the same or increase, while Japanese ratings most often drop.

The way I read it is that Honda, Toyota & Nissan took advantage of the old SAE ratings that allowed minimal oil in the crankcase and simulated exhaust systems to produce their numbers. There was nothing dishonest about this, just applying the standards fully.

So, how does this affect some well known names?


·         Acura MDX: from 265 HP to 253 HP

·         Acura RL: from 300 HP do 290 HP

·         Lexus LS430: from 290 to 278 HP

·         Toyota Avalon: from 280 to 268 HP

·         Toyota 3.3L V6: from 225 to 210 HP

·         Toyota Camry 3.0 V6: from 225 to 190 HP

·         Toyota Camry 4 cyl: from 160 HP to 154 HP

·         Honda Civic Si: from 200 HP to 197 HP


Gainers (sampling)

·         Cadillac XLR-v: from 440 HP to 469 HP

·         Corvette Z06: from 500 to 505 HP

·         Pontiac G6 3.5 V-6: from 200 HP to 201 HP






A country road,

covered with autumn’s leaves

on a crisp afternoon,

your New Beetle hugging

the curves as it “jet streams”

the leaves behind you.

Is that a fruit stand

around  the next corner?

A glass of warm apple cider

would  taste good right now.



-Bill C -

For the most part, our show season is behind us, unless you are ready for a vacation to Florida or California. I hope you were able to make it to YOUR club’s show. If you weren’t there, yes, we missed you. Hope everything is okay with you. I’m ready for a breather, though.

It was just about the best day for a show that I can remember; 70 degrees, a few wispy clouds, a nice breeze … ahhhh! Loved it!

Tom L. was the winner of the raffle prize, that BIG white and green R/C Bus generously donated by Jim Johnson. I offered to loan him my trailer to take it home. Ron S. was the winner of the 50/50. I wasn’t lucky at all; just a sample size bottle of all purpose cleaner. Oh well, the cheeseburger and cheese nachos were great. J Oh, Don, sorry, “HA!” … Fahrfrummuuvin!

One of our show sponsors, Mary Kay Cosmetics, held a drawing at the end of the show for two $50 Mary Kay gift certificates. The lucky winners are:
Bonnie B & Dana H. They should have both been contacted by the time you read this.

Well, in no time, I plan to start in on my winter projects, before it gets TOO cold. How about you? No, I’m not telling. It’s a secret, except for new rear wheel bearings and back disc brakes for Verty… and H4 headlights … maybe a better alternator.

Speaking of new stuff, we have some new “whites” t-shirts in stock; adult medium through XXL. Instead of the great big logo on the front, they have a miniature version like a crest on the upper left. Price is just $8. We will be taking prepaid orders for the gray sweatshirts soon too. They usually run $19 through XL; more for larger sizes and hooded.

I will be sending out emails regarding this. So if you don’t have email, just call me or catch me at our meeting. I can also mail these out, but it will cost a few bucks extra for you.

You will notice that we gained 18 new members, from 10 households, through our efforts at the show. Hope they can all be an active part of our club and that we will be able to provide what they are looking for in our little club. It just takes some participation.

We also gained another artist among our members. Perhaps he can give me/us a few pointers. And, hey, are there any would be writers out there? Or how about a few technical types? We can always use your stories, tech tips, jokes, points of interest. Just send them to me, email or otherwise. Just listening to me all the time can get boring … a bad thing, unless you are suffering from insomnia. So bring them on.

Do you have ANY sort of ideas to share, about any facet of our club? PLEASE share them with me/us. Help us to be BETTER.

So, see you at our monthly get-together this Tuesday night then. Bring a friend. Bring a Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing, Squareback, Notchback, Fastback or dune buggy. Did I miss one? Later

Air Bill