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Dedicated to Their Memory

Phillip S.

1954 –2005


We lost our fellow member, Phillip S., while he was in the hospital, recovering from a liver transplant. He suffered heart failure days after his surgery. He and his wife, Mona, were quite active in our club, after joining in October 2004. They seldom missed a meeting and attended many of our special events. Usually if you saw Mona’s Blue New Beetle, Phillip’s Teal 1967 Beetle would be there too. He was very proud of it and rightfully so. I distinctly remember them posing their VWs in the, now, famous Herbie kiss for our Herbie Day Show & Shine. That is a fond memory to keep; sort of like his love for Mona and them for their Beetles and their doggies. Everybody who knew him, including his friends and fellow members of Mid-South Volkswagen Club, will miss Phillip. He is in his mansion… with a dream car garage, gold plated tools, checkered floor tile, chrome car lifts, and gold-plated VWs and turbochargers galore. We miss you.

Darman (Dee) F.

1943 –2005


Not only was Dee a fellow member, but I also considered him one of my best friends. He is the one that I have to thank, or blame, for getting me started in VW shows. In our glory days we caravanned to many a VW show; he, towing his custom Ghia dubbed “der Engel” (Angel), which I liked to call the “Ghia Monster;” while I towed ol’ Lightnin’. It is a wonder we didn’t burn up the walkie-talkies on those trips, we chattered so much.  Mitch McR. and Ricky B. were frequent members of “the pack.” Though Dee’s Ghia had a 2110 engine, he would always jokingly complain, “I can’t spin my tires!” It became a greeting. I think he was fibbing, though. He babied that car so much; I don’t think he ever tried. I can hear him now, laughing at me. I will miss him a lot, especially every time we take Lightnin’ to a show, somewhere up the road. “That would be a 10-4.” Good-bye friend.




By Herschel D.



1.       Q: What was the span of years during which Heinz Nordoff, the original VW Director General of VW, served?

A: 1948-1968.      

2.       Q: n what year did the split-window Type 2 get a visor over the windshield?”.

A: 1955, it was a vent opening, really.

3.   Q: Which car make is VW owned now. Rolls Royce or Bentley?

A: Bentley. A few years ago both VW and BMW were vying to purchase both. And VW bought the assets but somehow overlooked buying the trademark names which BMW did do. So it ended up that VW would get Bentley and BMW got Rolls Royce.

4.   Q: In what country was the VW’s creator (actually he and his design team created it), Ferdinand Porsche (pronounced “Porshuh,” the end letter “E” is not silent in German), born?

     A: Austria in 1875.

5.   Q: The purchase of what company led to the creation of the VW Rabbit?

A: Auto Union (DKW and Audi), also NSU.  Ownership of Auto Union was at first shared with Daimler Benz starting in 1964. VW had 51% of the stock, then and gradually added to that.

5.   Q: True or false, the 1960 VW was available in a shade of yellow?

A: False, yellow was not available until the 1970’s on a Beetle!


1.   What VW model was the first one to be imported from Mexico?

2.   In what country was a VW model called the “Country Buggy” made?

3.   What is the “D.I.N” Horsepower (European rating) equivalent of the S.A.E. (U.S.A. rating) 40 H.P. (1961-’65) VW engine?

4.   What model is a Type 34?

5.      In the late ‘40’s and early ‘50’s a police/ parade Beetle with 4 canvas doors was made by two different coach builders, Which ones were they?

6.      Who, in VW history, is Erwin Komenda?

Answers next month, along with new questions.

Trivia Factoids: 

By Herschel D.

I’ve discovered that Wal-Mart alone is carrying a number of Herbie related toys. In early July, I found   that the Germantown Rd. store had a 5 car 1/64th scale set of 4 versions of the “Fully Loaded” Herbie and a New Beetle that is in the movie, too, for $9.96. The same cars, including a 2004 Pontiac, that was also in the movie, are sold separately. In addition, they had some approximately 1/30thnd scale, pull-back motored, models for $4.96 each.

They are, Herbie with spoiler, a ’64-65 Standard Microbus and a Golf. On an end cap they also had a large scale (probably about 1/8th scale)  non-powered model of a W.W.II Kubelwagen. On an end cap at the Winchester Rd. store there was both a 1/8th scale (I think) full-spectrum radio controlled model of a Herbie and a Microbus. Both say “Herbie” fully loaded” on their sides and are $99.99 each!

A week later they also got in some smaller radio controlled Herbies and buses with simpler controls in about 1/16th scale for under $25.00.The Austin Peay Wal-Mart had some of the “Herbie Classic” non-spoiler 1/30nd’s that the other store was out of. These Beetles have U.S. spec. bumpers, most VW miniatures have Euro spec. bumpers (no tubular over riders)!

The August issue of “Vintage Truck” has an informative 2-page article on the VW Type 181 ”Thing.”

For Honest, knowledgeable, and thoroughly done repair of your VW, I recommend Faulk Automotive, Inc., 3430 Democrat Rd. Memphis, TN 38118, (901) 365-8010.

3707 Hickory Hill

Memphis, TN 38115

(901) 795-6018

Ray Glass


4752 Yale Rd.

Memphis, TN 38128

(901) 377-7214


 Mike “Henry” Hendrix

or ask for Chip Oakley

888-382-7214 Toll Free










VW Horizons

- Bill C

New Beetle Changes

New Beetle Getting Tweaked – Do you realize that the 2006 model year will be the New Beetle’s NINTH season? Well, VW has decided it is time for a few freshening touches.

First, it is getting a bigger base engine. Starting in September of 2006, it will get a 5-cylinder, 2.5-liter, 150-HP standard. Out go the 2.0 liter four, and the 1.8-liter turbo. Stability Control and Traction Control will also be standard.

On the outside, check out the “creases” around the fender wells and the new front and rear fascia.


Cross-Golf SUV  You may have seen some Spy-Cam photos of the “Bedouin,” the project name for VW’s sub-Toureg SUV. It is rumored to be constructed on the 05 Golf platform. It is being pushed by Golf’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. Expect it in 2006.









Auto – Marine – Motorcycle – RV

7175 Stage Road, Memphis, TN 38133

901-377-1001 or 877-369-1001

M-F 9am-6pm   Sat 9am-5pm

Email: sales@soundwavesmemphis.com

Web: www.soundwavesmemphis.com

Funfest for Beetles

Bill C

Effingham, IL June 4 & 5, 2005 – Mid-America Motorworks’ Annual Funfest is a super event. Held at their corporate facility just outside Effingham, IL, Funfest for Bugs is one of 3 held every year (Bugs, Corvettes, & Porsches). This year’s numbers surpassed 1,000 VWs for this weekend event, setting another record.

Located northeast of St. Louis on I-70 & I-57, it is easy to reach from many locations via interstate highways. Taking a shortcut up Hwy 51 to Dyersburg, cutting over to I-55 in Missouri, then I-57, it was 325 miles for me, with a tail wind all the way.

Though it was unseasonably warm, we had great weather all weekend, with a good wind the whole time. Cool enough to fool me into cooking my head. The nights were especially nice for cruising in the Bug.

Now what about the Funfest? Though the “show” part of this is a major component, the MAIN idea is FUN. First, there is no entry fee for the show contestants’ VWs. If you pre-register, there are no lines! You just check-in at the “gate” and park in a roomy spot with the help of attendants. This year’s parking was a sort of double row, staggered affair; where one VW had an empty spot in front of it (for chairs & canopies) and the next VW had its empty space behind it. The result was a row that looked like a zipper from the air; pretty unique.


Each contestant is given a goody bag which, among other things, included 2 free Herbie T-shirts and $10 in “food bucks,” redeemable at any of the many food stands. Yeh, man… 2-days worth of free lunches!

The show portion is labeled as a “Fun Show,” nothing to get “stressed” over. There are no classes, no set criteria or rules, no score sheets… just a little yellow label on your windshield that states your model, name, and hometown. So how are the limited numbers of winners chosen? Quite simply by “Fun Judges.” They are magazine reps., manufacturing reps., Mid-America employees, etc. Each simply strolls through the show area and picks his/her favorite VW; then ties a red balloon on the antenna. The winner could be showroom stock or radically customized.. or not even finished. Last year, CAVF member, David Osborne won the (Mid-American Motorworks) President’s Award with his Italian Police Car. This year, CAVF member Alan P., won an award for his stock ’79 triple-black Beetle Convertible. This year, there were approximately 12-16 winners each day. Me? Nada. But the Hot VWs photographer did snap a picture or two of old Lightnin’. Fat chance. Huh.

Clearance Shopper’s Dream

Just say, “Charge it.”

$1200 Oval Baja!

Mac’s Ghia on the Turntable

There are permanent speaker towers located throughout the acres and acres of irrigated and manicured lawn that serves as the show area. So it was easy to hear the music and understand the announcements of prizewinners, seminars, and other notices. Made me envious.

Parts & Accessories

There were many booths manned by product vendors (like Scat & TMI) offering show specials on their goods. Mid-America also had a center set up to place on-line internet orders (no tax!) which offered a 10% discount and free ground shipping. They were doing a lot of business there.

My favorite was the Clearance area. There were loads of parts that were slightly damaged, last items, etc., and some items left over from the merger with Rocky Mtn. Motorworks. I was so tempted by a set of chrome heat exchangers. But, instead, I settled on a hood for Jungle Jim, my ’62. It was about 1/3 the normal price. What a deal!

Then, there was one of the biggest swap meet areas that I, personally, have ever seen in my limited travels. A couple of my most favorite “idiot fantasies” (or What are you thinking, Bill?) was a supercharger set up with a 4-barrel Holly and, then, a ’56 Oval window baja, with good title for $1200. Oh, yeh; just what I need. Fortunately, for me, I think, I had no way of hauling it home. Plus, he probably didn’t take Visa.

More Fun!

Another fun thing is the free museum. Besides Corvettes and Porsches, I was surprised to find several of (Dr.) Mac Jones’ classic Beetles and his proud Ghia on the center turn table. After all, they were helping to celebrate the Karmann Ghia’s 50th anniversary this year. So, all Ghias were honored in a reserved parking area, adjacent to the corporate building.

Will the real Herbie please burn-out?

Those are 13” Goodyear slicks on Tire-Burnin-Herbie!

Matching paint schemes


Pimped Out


Of course there were lots of Herbie Beetles located in their special parking; some were actual show cars and others were very good replicas. They even had the NASCAR Herbie and the Pimped-Out-Herbie cars from the Herbie Fully Loaded movie, 3 weeks before the show release. Then, there was Shaky Herbie and Joaquin Garay, who played the role of Paco in “Herbie Goes Bananas.” To add to the Herbie theme, they also provided seminars on the construction of the Herbie cars for “…Fully Loaded.” Perhaps we’ll talk more about that in another article.

They also held a couple of (free) technical seminars, presented by manufacturing representatives. One seminar was on installing one-piece (vent-less) window kits in an early Bug. Another was on interior installation. I attended all 3. Even if I didn’t plan to do all of this, I managed to pick up some helpful tips.


Saturday afternoon, a cruise of about 25 miles was offered to contestants, which would end downtown at the old Heart Theater, for a free showing of a classic Herbie movie… with free popcorn. I don’t know how many VWs were in this cruise. It was HUGE! And to my surprise, it wasn’t a bunch of stop and go, accordion cruising. We must have averaged about 50 mph. I don’t even want to share this part, but I was threatened with CAVF’s “rubber chicken award” because I had a “road issue” (aka breakdown). Half way through the cruise, out in the middle of no where… bang.. clunk… no ignition. I quickly opened my “VW Shop Manual for Dummies” & diagnosed it; nothing more than a loose ignition pickup bracket, held in place by a single slotted screw. Should have used Loctite. … NO tools! … I tried waving at the other VWs as they passed and they all gave me a “Peace sign”, smiled, and kept going. My tools were in the truck… I didn’t want to mess up the Bug with tools. Dumb. Finally, a young couple in a tube framed, convertible, racing baja (w/turbo, no less) stopped to offer help. I didn’t feel so bad, when all he had to offer was a little “tweaker” screwdriver. It did the trick though. So, I quickly returned the screwdriver and a sincere thank you. Then, made a beeline back to town, almost without looking back. I had to go back to the hotel to make sure it didn’t come loose and so I missed the movie. Now it has Loctite on it. Yup.

I stayed over for the Sunday festivities. That is actually when I finally had time to take in the rest of the seminars. Those heat exchangers were still tempting me. But I held out. Somewhere around 11 AM, or so, they had a mini-parade around the parking lots. They fired up the Batmobile (actually powered by what looks to be a Chevy V8), NASCAR Herbie and a special effects Herbie that gave the appearance of pulling wheelies, while Paco stood and waved from the sunroof. The NASCAR version was a real screamer. I hope that Lightnin’ didn’t pick up any bad habits.

With the threat of severe thunderstorms for the afternoon, I opted to leave a little early and headed back into a head wind for Memphis at noon.

Hopefully, Connie can go with me next year. By the way, it will be June 3 & 4, 2006. Mark those calendars.

Air Bill

Adios, Amigos!



Bill C

Springfield, MO June 11, 2005 – We booked 2 nights at the host Country Hearth Inn, Chesterfield Village so we wouldn’t feel rushed after the show. Plus, we got to eat out an extra night. Ha! This year’s spots were Cheddars on Friday night and Coultons Steak House on Saturday night. There is my plug for food. More to come.

Regardless of what others might think, and especially considering the 100+ temperatures here in Memphis as I write this, the weather for this year’s June Bug Jam 11 was, again, fantabulous! There were those familiar dry winds (by Memphis standards) out of the west. This, by the way, was the first time ever that the show was dowsed by rain… and thunder! More about that later, too.

A repeat of my basic show day schedule; dust off Lightnin’, buzz the 2 blocks over to get checked in, park, more cleaning and set up, snap a BUNCH of pictures for the web site, and hand out flyers for our OCT 8 show (plug, plug), then finally take a breath and enjoy the show. All that, and I managed to miss the slow drags! Darn.

It was a good-sized show this year with 92 entries. On top of that, a rail club brought out some strong looking rides, just to view, since a lot of them were powered by turbo V6s. However, there were some VW powered ones that did enter the show. There was a strong showing of Things & Buses, besides the swarm of Bugs. Lots to see.

Connie arrived with a weather report of a pending severe weather warning for the next half hour or so. So, we covered things and took down our umbrella in preparation. So, when the drops came, we high-tailed it to the Village Coffee & Sweets Shop right across the street and enjoyed the light and water show over lunch and a smoothie. (food plug!). It didn’t last long and it made things even cooler outside.

Connie bought lots of VW T-shirts, scale VWs & stuff for the grandkids and a little something for me. I couldn’t find a middle seat for Rick D’s bus, so no parts for me. Maybe Eureka Springs? Ha ha.

Best of Show

Best Interior

The competition in my class (Beetle, ’68 & Later Custom) turned out to be quite tough for ol’ Lightnin’. I felt like we were at Eureka Springs or something, since Lightnin’ didn’t place. However, just to show you how tough my class was. Best of show was also 1st place in our class, Best Interior was our 3rd place, and Best Paint was me (maybe 4th?.. ha!). All came from our class. Wow… that is kickin’! Booty kickin’. It was fun, anyway… hanging out with fellow Vdubbers and taking in the “warm fuzzies” from adoring Bug spectators.

Best Display

Lots of Vendors

Even a couple of ‘Verts For Sale

We followed up the show with a cruise to a local ice cream shop. I was testing out a new slant on a home brewed oil breather add-on and the “run” up the freeway pointed out a little shortcoming… oil slinging from the non-baffled breather; what I call “leaning edge” technology. It was kind of scary until I figured out were all the oil was coming from. So, don’t try that at home folks.  Ha!

Until next year!

Air Bill & Lightnin’



Below are the winners of the June Bug Jam Special Awards:

·      Best of Show - (Sid H, Independence, MO)

·      Best Engine - (Josh D, Moberly, MO)

·      Best Paint - (Bill C., Bartlett, TN)

·      Best Interior - (Dan P, Rogers, AR)

·      Club Participation - (Absolute VW Autoklub, Neosho, MO)

·      People's Choice - (Mike H, Rogers, AR)

·      Hard Luck - (Ed & Sherri H, Monett, MO)

·      Best Display - (Bruce & Lori L, Springfield, MO)

·      Longest Distance - (Ron A Jr., Kenosha, WI)

·      Slow Drag - (1st - Al C, 2nd - Don Games)

Below are the names of award winners of whom you may be familiar (members of CAVF, NEAVF and/or Mid-South VW Clubs).

·      Beetle, '68 & Later Stock

     (2nd) Bill P, Marion, IL

·      Beetle Convertible Stock

     (2nd) Allen & Marian P, N. Little Rock, AR

·      New Beetle

     (2nd) Don S, Newport, AR

·      Special Interest

     (2nd) Betty G, Jonesboro, AR






VOL. 16, NO. 2                                                                                                                               AUGUST 2005                                                                                        





Publisher, Writer/Photo, Distribution,

Subscriptions, Membership Bill C.

Trivia & Factoids,  Art.............................                     Herschel D.


-Bill C. -

Whew! I’m getting worn out. It has been a busy month, salted with the sting of sadness. We have lost 2 great members; Dee F. and Phillip S.. They were our friends and fellow VW lovers at heart. Thanks especially to the other members who joined in paying their respects to their families by attending the visitations or funeral services, and especially for showing up in your VWs. It meant a lot to the families. Our club also sent some nice sprays. Hug your spouse, your kids, your parents, your pet… hug your Bug too.

It seems like ages ago that we went to the IMAX – Pink Palace. We had a nice little turn out and were joined by the Weavers, our newest members. Thanks to Tim R. of Gossett VW for putting them on to us when they bought their New Beetle. My father-in-law also went with us, since he was visiting from IOWA. He had never been to one, so it was a special treat for him to see “Mysteries of the Nile.”

Of course, our special event this month is the Fix & Tune, Show & Shine at Roy Rogers on Hickory Hill on SAT, AUG 20. Be sure to let me know if you plan to bring your VW for mechanical attention.

And then, there is our annual VW Over Memphis Show coming up in less than 2 months. Please contact Bobby B., regarding show sponsors, door prize donations, goody-bag freebies, etc. I am not sure how many sponsors we have, but I am fairly sure we have need for a lot more. Remember, our sponsors will receive free space and/or presence at our show if they chose to take advantage; also, business card ads in our newsletter throughout the year. We also will include their advertising in show bags as provided by them .. and more. We desperately need your help. Thanks