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                THE MOUTH PIECE

Memphis                  Mid-South Volkswagen Club Newsletter                July 2005


Herbie Day in Memphis

Cordova, TN, SAT JUN 25, 2005 – It was our Herbie Day! We celebrated and took part in the release of Herbie Fully Loaded. Our day, and evening, was fully loaded too; a 3-part, all in one day, episode.

For a short history lesson, it all began… in a land … far, far away… or not. I contacted Malco Theaters via their web site, several weeks ago, to see if the movie would be showing at the Summer Drive-In. I was surprised when they responded that they were looking for the local club (us), so we could do a show and shine to kick off the new Herbie movie. Well, here we are.

We all met at the Cordova Malco, Saturday afternoon at 3:00 and circled the wagons in our reserved spot. We had a great turn-out; 19 VWs total. Our members who participated in the Herbie Show & Shine:

·      Ricky B.

·      Mark C.

·      Wendy C.

·      Bill C.

·      Cameron D.

·      Roger F.

·      David G.

·      Richard G.

·        LaRue H.

·      Mark H.

·      Juan L.

·      Ricky M.

·      Don N.

·      Jim R.

·      Ron & Barbara S.

·      Phillip & Mona S.

·        Jeff W.

Of course, it was great fun, showing off our rides and answering questions. Malco put on a great production inside and outside the Theater. Q107.5 had a dressed up New Beetle along with 2 or 3 Herbie replicas outside. Inside, they had a pretty cool Herbie display with hay bales like a scene from an old movie. There was also lots of staff on hand to pass out freebies and receive donations for Victory Junction, a NASCAR charity.

Plenty of artificial shade and cool breezes

A Herbie Kiss

A Crowd Pleaser                             Herbie Mecca

This segment of our special day lasted 2 hours. So, at about 5 PM, I passed out the free movie passes that Malco was more than pleased to give us in return. And they were “emergency passes;” not the ordinary ones. They are good for any movie unless it is already sold out. Cool.

So, we made an attempt at a caravan up Germantown Parkway to Steak & Shake on Stage Road, near Wolfchase Mall. We made it okay, but the timing of our arrival didn’t allow for us to all sit together. We tried. I purposely drug my feet at this point, realizing that we were going to have a good wait at the drive-in movie, the next stop on our agenda and the finale to the day.

I think it was an “each for his own” trip to Summer Drive-In. Sure enough, they accepted our movie passes and we ended up at Screen 3 (has speakers) for the showing of Herbie Fully Loaded, followed by Madagascar.

Not everybody could make it to the show & shine, but some others joined us at the drive-in:

·      Kelli B

·      Michelle R

·      Jason R

·      Charlie S

·      Nancy T

This is actually the first Herbie movie I have ever seen at a theater. I loved the heck out of it. Wings and spoilers DO belong on Beetles, after all. Ha! I especially like the affect they used where you could see through Herbie’s “eyes,” his headlights. And he has 20-20 vision.


The Herbster WINS!!!

It was a great day; fun to be with friends and fellow Vdubbers to celebrate this occasion. I hope there will be sequels in the coming years. We need to do this again.

Air Bill

P.S. You NASCAR fans that watched the Daytona race a couple or so weeks back might have noticed #10 (Scott Riggs) was wearing the Herbie name on its hood and the familiar red & blue racing stripes on white paint. You might have also noticed he had to swerve to miss a car when #24 pitted…. which resulted in my man, Mark Martin, smacking the wall to miss #10… and going from 5th in points to 10th. Now THAT Herbie car didn’t make yours truly happy that day. I heard a viewer suggestion that they add “pitting” lights to the cars.





By Herschel D.



1.       Q: What visible changes were made to the 1959 Beetle?

A: Actually this is a trick question, because the 1959 got no “visible” changes at all! All it got was non-visible changes like stronger clutch springs.      

2.       Q: What VW model is a “Variant?”.

A: That name is applied to the European versions of both the Type 3 and Type 4 Squarebacks, which is, obviously, a “station wagon” body style. They called it a “Variant” because the Type 2 Microbus was, in effect, the company’s station wagon. In fact, U.S. advertising called it that, for a while, instead of “Microbus.”

3.   Q: Many years ago, VW went searching for the oldest VW in the U.S for them to acquire for their collection and the winner got a new VW Beetle in trade for it. In what year was that?”

A: 1960, they found a 1946 model, which VOA still has, that a WWII vet, turned farmer had brought, privately, over from Germany.

4.   Q: One of the famous humorous VW ads showed a Model “A” Ford next to A Beetle with the elderly original owner of both cars in between. The Caption read,”33 years later, He got the Bug.” In what year was that?

     A: 1963, the Ford was a 1929 model, which means he would have bought his new 1963 VW in late 1962.

5.   Q: You have read my model car articles so what is the scale that the Viking (pronounced “Wiking”) dealership promos models were made in?

A: 1/40th scale.


1. What was the span of years during which Heinz Nordoff, the original VW Director General, served?

2. In what year did the Split window Type 2 get a visor over the windshield?

3. Which car make is VW owned now, Rolls Royce or Bentley?

4. In what country was the VW’s Creator (Actually he and his design team created it), Ferdinand Porsche (pronounced “Porshuh, the end letter “E” is not silent in German words”), born?

5.      The Purchase of what company led to the creation of the VW Rabbit?

6.      True or false, the 1960 Beetle was available in a shade of yellow?

Answers next month, along with new questions.

Trivia Factoids: 

By Herschel D.

VW seems to be trying to increase their profit by making cars with the VW nameplate on cars of every price range. Do you think that is a good idea? Should they give their luxury cars a different nameplate like Toyota and Nissan felt was wisest for them to do?

As a follow up to my electrical article, I’d like to relate my experience with my new engine’s first alternator. When I first got the car back with the new engine, I noticed how intensely bright the headlights were. I was surprised but I did not attribute it to the 6 to 12 volt change because I had already brightened the former 6-volt lights to a pretty normal brightness with some replaced wiring and the WD-40 treatment. I just thought it was somehow because alternators charge better than do generators. Well, it turns out that that alternator‘s armature winding had been unintentionally wired for an output of 14 volts! Ray Glass said that, that, typically, happens every now and then to rebuilt alternators, along with the opposite possibility of them sometimes only putting out 10 volts.

But, that it was unusual for a new one to be that way. But mine was a new one. After a while, that alternator started to run with a dimmed output part of the time and then it would brighten with a whining sound for a few blocks before it dimmed (quite a bit) again. Finally, it expectedly, died altogether after about a year of that strange behavior. When it did so, I got another new one and put it in only for it to not work at all, either!

What we did about that, was for Ray to remove a regulator from another new alternator, because they are not sold separately,  (they are internal on alternators (just in case you don’t already know that!), and gave it to me to install, rather than replacing the whole thing again. That did the trick! Now it creates a brightness that is a little brighter than the old 6-volt generator was putting out, after my brightening treatment, which I attribute to the lower RPM that alternators can charge at, more than the fact that it is 12 volts now.

My favorite hobby shop that has been at Summer and Mendenhall ever since they bought out Lester Goldsmith’s hobby inventory some years back, has moved to Summer and White station. It is a brighter lit, bigger store. They have numerous VW Models in stock including a 1/35th-scale glue together plastic assembly kit of a WWII VW Commander’s Car (Beetle Body on a Kubelwagen Chassis) that can be built as a civilian KDF-Wagon, instead.

I got a 1/87th (HO) scale New Beetle Cabriolet there recently by Model power. They also have a 1/43rd-scale diecast early ‘80’s Rabbit Cabriolet (by K-Line) and a “HO” scale split-window Bug (by Busch, I think), as well as various 1/72nd and 1/35th scale Word War II VW Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen plastic assembly kit models, amongst others. They still have their wonderful clutter of boxes of models found at yard sales, etc, too. They also sell model trains (new and old), slot cars (including VW’s), and radio controlled airplanes. They can special order models that they don’t have in stock, too

Well, I’ve just been informed that, due to space limitations, we no longer put business cards into the newsletter unless it is from a show sponsor. I guess I should have tuned into that before this but I didn't. Yet, I have already accepted a year’s worth of publishing one from Kenny Faulks Automotive by way of his becoming a club member. You see, for years, I have been asked by club members and non-members alike where can they go to get their VW worked on. I’ve always recommended the best I knew of but always felt that there needed to be better. That “better” is definitely Faulk’s. He is highly recommended by the folks at Roy Rogers, and I, too, am very impressed by their work.

I think that they are very VW knowledgeable, (No doubt for other makes, too) very thorough, and honest as well. So I very much want to spread the word, especially since I get asked about a good place to go with some regularity. So, instead of a monthly business card I will simply place, as my recommendation, the shop’s name, address and phone number as a notation in this monthly article for as long as Kenny Faulk retains his club membership. So here it is: Are you wondering where there might be a really good, honest, thorough, VW-knowledgeable place to get your VW worked on? Well then, from personal experience, as well the testimony from other’s that have used them, I recommend Faulk Automotive, Inc., 3430 Democrat RD. Memphis, TN 38118, (901) 365-8010

3707 Hickory Hill

Memphis, TN 38115

(901) 795-6018

Ray Glass


4752 Yale Rd.

Memphis, TN 38128

(901) 377-7214


 Mike “Henry” Hendrix

or ask for Chip Oakley

888-382-7214 Toll Free



Member News




Veronica’s Revenge – The Sequel

By Glenn J

Well, I made my trip to Tulsa to pick up my 72 VW. I was really excited. A restored VW for only $3,000.00.

When I drove up, it looked really great in the driveway. The beautiful platinum color (non-standard, I believe} was really what I had hoped to get.  Met the owner's wife, and called the owner (he was on the way home from work). He tells me to get the keys from his wife and take it for a drive.

The outside looked great...except, I noticed a little bubbling around the edge of one window. I got in. Noticed the seat covers were a little "loose-fitting." It started right up, but sounded like the engine was going to fall out. I felt this could be due to sitting for a period of time. Maybe needed a little tune up and some fresh gas. So, I took off. The "NEW" clutch released surprisingly fast, almost causing me to do a wheelie. Just needs a little adjusting, I thought.

At the first little bump in the road, the five-gallon bucket (containing three railroad spikes) in the back seat bounced up and rattled really noisily. I screeched to a halt - I was only doing 5 MPH - and turned around in the seat to remove the bucket. There was no bucket.

As I made a U-Turn about 100 yards from the house I executed a cat that must have been curled up sleeping somewhere under the car in the front end. The screeching noise was unnerving, to say the least. I stopped, got out and examined the blood ... no fur. A mystery.

I drove back into the driveway and pulled the emergency brake. No braking action. I remembered that the owner said that one of the very few things the car needed was a boot for the parking brake. I could not figure out how the lack of a brake handle boot could affect the braking action. But then, I'm no mechanic.

The wife leaned down to my window, "Have a fun drive?", she asked.

"No," I said. "Just a little frightening. I don't think I will buy the car."

"Why?" she asked. “Won’t you wait for my husband to get home? He should be here in just a few minutes."

"No," I said, getting back in my rental car. "I've just driven 544 miles to look at a $3,000 car that I wouldn't have traded Veronica for."

"Whose Veronica?" she asked.

You don't want to know, I said, sprinkling her with pea gravel as I accelerated away..


Editor’s Note: The above article is regarding the outcome of Glenn’s latest experience with an Ebay purchase, after selling his other Ebay purchase (Veronica) to fellow member, Rob H.




The Future of

The VW Hobby


By Herschel D

Several years a go, I read an article entitled: “The Graying of Hershey.” It stated that the people that bring vintage cars to antique car shows (such as the world’s largest antique car show in Hershey, PA) are getting more gray-haired because the number of young people entering the hobby is falling. When they do get involved they do not pursue the pre-WWII cars as much as used to be. Of course, most VWs are post war any way and still attract young people all the time. But still, the fact is, though, I know I am the steward of my car’s preservation only for now! But, I’d like for it to be around fully restored, in 2105 and well beyond, as well!

Hopefully not just stuck in a museum, either! Eventually, Beetles and other air-cooled VWs will skyrocket in price, just like brass era (pre-1917) cars did (which is why you see them more in museums now, than at your local car show). I am one of those car enthusiasts that get dismayed when I see a chopped and channeled vintage car. Yes, I know sometimes it is only done to rust wrecks that were deemed unrestorable or is done using fiberglass parts, etc., but many a restorable car was cut up too!

Those cars can never, with any practicality, be returned to their original historical condition. What’s worse, usually when some kid of, say 1954, created his beloved chopped and channeled low-rider 1932 Ford “Deuce,” (which often included throwing away many of the reusable stock parts that he abandoned!) he’d play and “be cool” with it for a few years, and then discard it because now he has a family to spend most of his money on and the car is not even a very good parts source for restoration.

Most such cars just went back to the junkyard to rot away! It was not, at all, typical for the car to just be sold to the next hotrod enthusiast, probably because the it would cost the next kid less money to get a hold of an abandoned original and the creation would be more of his own! Thus, stock original 1932 Fords are quite rare and expensive, today. I do not want that sort of thing to happen to my 1965 VW, although I know the high priced rarity will eventually happen. So I would be mighty choosy as to who were to get my car! However, actually, I plan to keep it always, and pass it on to family!




LWB Option

Drive Shaft Lengthening Not Required



VOL. 16, NO. 1                                   Dedicated to ALL VW Models!               JULY 2005

It’s not just a car.

It’s a way of life!

   (Pronounced – “Dahs Muhnstook,” meaning – “The Mouthpiece.”)






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VW Trivia & Factoids          

Member News          

Future of the VW Hobby      


Publisher, Writer/Photo, Distribution, Subscriptions, Membership...... Bill C

Trivia & Factoids,  Art............................................................................... ................................................................................................. Herschel D


-Bill C -

I have enjoyed the Vdub Life this past month or two. But, for me, the greatest event, counting all the shows, etc., was Herbie Day. It did my heart good to witness your participation. But, how could this day go wrong? Right? Just want to thank everybody who showed up for any or all of the day’s opportunities.

You might have seen that we are planning an IMAX event for this month and a Fix & Tune for August. Why IMAX? Well, it is different, but ALSO, you can get in out of the heat while you enjoy yourselves. We picked “Mystery of the Nile,” hoping that something everybody would enjoy. IF it is a hit, we can do it again in the next year’s time. Our Fix & Tune is a necessity for some… a chance to get some things tweaked up on your Vdub. It is most likely that, if this is still popular, we will schedule one next spring or so at the other Roy Rogers. Don’t forget; you can be a part of the Events Committee too. Just let Ron Smith or me know. We need your help.

I am surprised not to have heard rumblings from Bobby yet regarding sponsorships for our annual VW show (OCT 8). That is less that 12 weeks, not even 3 months. If you have been procrastinating, now is the time to make contact with that potential sponsor. It costs $70 to sponsor one class (3 trophies). We try to have at least 30 classes. I have included a sponsor form in this letter. There is also one on our web site. Just access it via the show link on our home page. That brings us to one other idea that was brought up recently.

Rear View (Cont. from P.12)

We would also like to offer you, members that can afford it, the option of a $20 donation. We often have some members who fully sponsor one or more classes, but most folks cannot do this. So, for the rest of you, if you are interested in donating, just use a sponsorship form to do so, even for the $20 donation. You will hear more on this option, but space is limited here.

We will also signing up show volunteers. So be thinking about how/where you can help.

Be sure to check out the events on page 5; lots of tidbits. Next month: Effingham Show & GROOVE June Bug Jam.

Air Bill