April 2005 - V'dubber of the Month

Bill & Ruth A.

Bill & Ruth, of West Memphis, joined our club last September after hearing about us from a friend. Since then, they have only missed one meeting. I think that was when Ruth was sick. Even at the Christmas parade. Their buggy wasn’t ready yet. So they showed up anyway, to support us and ride with some other members. Outstanding!

Bill was born in Tuscaloosa, AL in 1942 (He cannot be older than me!). That almost makes him a “boomer.” In 1959 he answered the call and joined the Navy (to see the World?). After making a Far East cruise aboard the U.S.S. Ranger CVA-61, he got shore duty in the states at Whidbey Island, WA. That’s where his stint in the Navy paid off. He met his wife, Ruth, and they were married MAR 9, 1962 in Seattle. Happy 43rd! Sorry I missed it. Maybe we can help you celebrate your Golden in a few years! Hmm?

When they became civilians again, they moved to our fair city of Memphis. They have raised 2 daughters. Vicki was born in ’67 and Susan in ’71. Daughters are almost as sweet as grandchildren. They have some of those to spoil too. Vicki has 3 children; Tory, 15 years old;
Daythan, 14 years; and Alenea 10 years. Vicki is a
single mom, due to divorce, but she still managed to become an occupational therapist. Part of her motivation has been so that she could help Daythan, who is autistic. So, it took longer, but she made it. Susan is married and works at a cardiology group. Her husband is a cameraman for Channel 13.

Bill was a maintenance electrician supervisor for 33 years. I bet he has some hair-raising stories to tell there. I wonder if he can top LaRue’s? I guess the Navy didn’t show him enough of the world. So, he decided to drive an 18-wheeler for 4 years before retiring in 2004. Ruth can boast that she has now worked 16 years in the Tax Department of the St. Francis Levee District. She is also Bill’s “banker.” Ha!

VWs have been in Bill & Ruth’s history pretty much all of their married life. In 1963 they bought a 1959 and took a vacation in it to Niagara Falls, Canada. I’m going to have to ask him where “point A” was, of that point A-to-B-to-A vacation; surely not Seattle! In ’83, Bill bought a sand rail in which he frequented the Mississippi River sandbar on the Arkansas side and Pickwick, TN. He proudly remembers the time that it was televised on Channel 3 Sports Saturday, a local TV show, with Johnny Dark. He has a few stories to tell about THAT experience! What does “bug eyed” mean?

In ’84 it was time for a red Baja. And, daughters being daughters, Vicki inherited it for her high school graduation. After some painful years of being “vdubbless,” he picked up a street legal, gold metallic dune buggy. He must have loved that buggy more than he knew. When the need arose for a truck to pull a new pontoon boat to their cabin at Sardis Lake, he traded his sweet buggy to his nephew. Yes, those are Bill’s shoe marks on his backside from kicking himself.


But now, he is smiling again. His brother, in Alabama, sold him his blue 1971 dune buggy, which he affectionately refers to as “Play-More.” He has owned it for about 7-8 months now. It was drivable when he bought it, but he is fixing it up to meet his tastes and also to enter in some shows. I know that he has installed some new seats. But he needs to update us on the rest of his plans and accomplishments. It is looking pretty spankin’ good!

Bill & Ruth, we’re glad you are a part of our big VW family. Looking forward to seeing Play-More in the future!

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