Sound Waves
Show & Shine

- By Bill C.

SAT, MAR 26, 2005 – It was another beautiful spring day for our 3rd Show & Shine at Sound Waves in Bartlett. Had we have had a crystal ball, be might not have scheduled it the day before Easter. I guess it snuck up on us.

We had several regulars out of town for the holiday, but we still had a decent number of VWs and one (renegade) Ford street rod. Ha.

Bobby was between VWs, seeing that he had just sold his ragtop to Rick D. and had not got his Baja going yet. So he “suffered” and showed up in an RV.

Roger & Carol F. were there with their ‘61 Beetle (VW Trends Cover Car, MAR 2005 Final Edition). I showed up in Verty, since Lightnin’s engine was getting special attention. Ricky M., who joined the club that day, was driving his ’96 Mexi-Beetle. Don & Denise N. brought their custom ’75 Beetle Convertible out for a spring shake down cruise. Paul C. and his wife & children made it a family day in their ’71 Beetle. Richard G. dropped the top on his ’71 Karmann Ghia Convertible. That was it for VWs. However, Tom J. and his son, Daniel, stopped by in their Chevy powered, 1930-something, Ford street rod… just to make us envious.

We had a pretty good number of folks stop and visit us. I think we rekindled the VW fire in several, and plenty of sweet memories in the rest. How many times did we hear, “I can’t believe I sold my VW?” I enjoyed talking with everybody, especially our fellow members.

Sorry if you missed it. Hope to see you at the next event or meeting. Maybe we will do better with our schedule in the future. If you have an idea, event or otherwise, please share it with us. We welcome the input. Air Bill


Ricky's 96 Mexi'

Don & Denise's 'Vert

Paul's Beetle

Rich's Ghia 'Vert