Rear-View Mirror

-Bill C. -

Lets start on a positive note; 9 new members this month! It is a good thing that I just placed another T-Shirt order. If you are expecting a sweatshirt or t-shirt, I am to receive them at the campout. Time to dig out that checkbook!

April is our first month at our new meeting location; Fox Ridge Pizza in Cordova. Be sure to check the events page for address information.

Now to “Bill’s World.” It is appropriate and newsworthy, maybe. Okay, I have my motor all tore down, waiting for the case and crank and rods to get machined and cleaned up; a 4-day weekend, planned for reassembly; but no “stuff.” However, the 4-days did NOT go to waste. I got a little crazy. Can I get some luck? Anybody know a good psychiatrist? Yup … I did floor pans in Verty.

After getting some pointers from Gary Bowers, one of the best VW mechanics in Memphis, I dug in. Whew! I’m getting too old for this. I have to say; doing this right can be some tough work. Folks that do this for a living… EARN their pay!

And of course, when you start digging around, killing termites and rot, you find other little things like a clutch pedal shaft, clutch cable, foot well cables, roller pedal. A long weekend turned into more than a week. Then, throw in a 16 piece loop carpet kit. If I look goofy eyed next time you see me, blame it on the contact cement fumes. WHEW!

I need a vacation. Yeh, sure; right after I build Lightnin’s motor. Well, okay, maybe the campout will help.

Don’t be a stranger!

Air Bill