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VW Horizons

By Bill C.

The Best & Almost

VW Toureg Efficiency Okay, this might be a little difficult to explain. Looking for a tow vehicle? An efficient one? The MOST efficient one? Buy a VW Toureg TDI (diesel). When compared against others and rated by dividing the total EPA annual fuel cost, divided by the maximum towing capacity ($/Tons). Toureg TDI yearly fuel cost was only $313 per ton. If compared, for instance to a Dodge Magnum V-6 (shoulduh gotta Hemi), you would have to pay a whopping $1228-$2252.

The Jetta TDI Wagon came in second place for efficient people haulers when dividing total yearly fuel cost by total passenger space ($ per cubic foot). You will pay $4.99-$6.06 in yearly fuel costs per cubic foot. One of the worst was the BMW e-series Wagon at $29.76-$32.46 per cubic foot.

Could Be

Rear Drive Coming? Strong rumor has it that Wolfsburg is working on a rear drive platform for models ABOVE the Passat size, like the C1, written of in this column some months ago. How much longer would it be before we might see this on a Passat?


More Than Gossip

Beduin SUV A little brother to the Toureg is supposedly in the prototype phase. It is code named the Beduin and is due out in 2007. Think of it as VWs answer to the RAV4 on one end of the options scale and BMW X3 on the other.


More Than Gossip II

VW Pickup You remember the AAC concept truck that hit the shows in 2000? Well, it could be the basis for VWs new pickup truck, due out in 2008. Yup, Volkswagen will be offering you an alternative in just a few years. Maybe it will offer an efficient diesel too. I could handle that.