VW Trends Mag.

Ed's Final Email

Herschel passed a copy of an email from VW Trends editor, Ryan Price. I believe Herschel obtained it from MoKan. The email text follows:


I wanted you guys to be the first to know: Primedia has decided to cancel the publication of VWTrends, effective immediately.

Believe me when I say that this doesnít come as a big shock to me. The writing has been on the wall for months and Iíve tried to fight it. Over the past many months, you may have noticed that the number of ads in the magazine was steadily dwindling from around 40 pages to less than 20 pages in the March 05 issue (which wonít even be printed I hear). Because of this, it was decided that after 28 years and 268 issues (65 of which I was the editor) in print, VWTrends was no longer worth the financial effort. In short, it was killed because nobody bothered to pay attention to it.

Since many of you on this list write/shoot for me (and most of which are owed money, Im sure), I no longer have any authority to issue checks. However, tomorrow I plan to speak with Howard Lim (my ex-publisher) to find out what it takes to set you all straight. I donít want any of you to have to sacrifice because Primedia demands higher profits. Others of you advertised in the magazine, and if youíve prepaid because of a contract, Iím sure youíll get a refund. Check with your ad rep to get that straightened out. But all of you, I just wanted to say good bye to.

Because of a family emergency today, I was out of the office, so I got laid off over the phone (so much for five years of loyalty); I wasnít given the opportunity to say a formal good bye to my co-workers and friends Iíve made along the way, so here I am at 1am on my wifeís computer. I would like to thank you all for supporting me over the years, for answering my asinine questions, for always smiling for the camera, for putting up with my pestering tech articles, my odd ideas and my sometimes off-the-wall editorialsÖ but most of all, Iíd like to thank you all for accepting me and for helping me bring to the readers the best magazine possible. When I started this job, I didnít know a whole lot about Volkswagens, but youíve all helped me become the enthusiast that I am today, and before I drift off into the sunset, I want to simply say thank you.

Just remember what Iíve always said, ďPeople will never appreciate VWTrends until it is gone.Ē

Well, now itís gone.

Maybe Iíll see you around,

Ryan PriceĒ