Rear-View Mirror

-Bill C. -

If you haven’t seen the email request, Bobby is looking for a few good bonfire builders to help gather and stack wood at Mac’s farm on SAT, MAR 19. Mac does so much for our club campouts & this is a small thing in comparison. It shouldn’t take long and Mac has a tractor and equipment as needed. We are going to try and be there at about 10 AM & be finished by noon. Please help if you possibly can. This is your chance.

Onto other topics; you can always tell when it is tax refund season. Seems like everybody’s dream car is for sale, at slightly inflated prices. I’ve even noticed some VWs listed in the rather pricy Autoweek Classifieds, not noted for VW ads. There’s the lime-green (“put the lime in de coconut…”) 79 Westy offering the promise of tropical delights while camping on the beaches of Baja. Gosh, it even has me dreaming. Oh, then, how about the mfr. ad for the (brand new) Myers Manx “Manxter” turnkey, minus engine (that’s tricky!), for 17 Grand? Uuuuh… 4 seats … beach baby, beach baby. I guess… I could tow it behind the bus and just SIT in it on the beach… maybe tie one end of a hammock to it. Now it is all coming together!

Or, almost as good, if you have an imagination; how about camping by the lake? Maybe in an open meadow on a spring weekend, with a big, warm bonfire? Sharing tales with friends? You can do all that and more at our club campout near Somerville at Mac Jones’s Mud Fence Farm. All this is coming up on April 16th. This year we are expecting 6-12 members of the NEAVF (Jonesboro club) to join us. We have also invited the CAVF (Little Rock/Conway club) to join in.

Mac is providing groceries for the Saturday evening meal (Steak & baked potatoes) and our club is providing Sunday breakfast. Bring your appetite. Saturday night we light off a bonfire for “entertainment.” Have you ever witnessed a magnesium engine case light off? Whew! Bring your hot dogs and marshmallows for a late night snack. I think I just gained 5 pounds. Day-trippers permitted, but campers preferred. (smile)

Air Bill