2nd Annual Cruising the Crossroads Car Show

- By Bill C.

CORINTH, MS, SAT, MAR 5thFirst show of the season for us bunch of hound dogs… Elvis hound dogs … jelly donut eaters. The spring fever must have struck at least a few of us, who were primed and ready to go caravanning, more like a pack of hungry wolves than a coordinated team of mush dogs. I guess it MIGHT be the pack instinct that draws some to enjoy these things more than others. I know I had fun and some laughs too.

Up at the crack of 0-dawn-hundred, it is typical to rush out of the house without the luxury of breakfast. But, being a somewhat typical guy, I use it for an excuse to hit the junk food rack at the local fill-em-up. I don’t start out that way, but find, upon arriving that ALL the racks are junk food. “Couldn’t help it. There was nothing else to eat! Plus, I will be driving a lot and that burns a lot of calories. Right?” Well, at least I convinced myself.

Everybody, pretty much showed up on time for our 8 o’clock departure. The “pack” was comprised of Bobby B., Ron P., Ron’s friend Mac who was in his ’32 Ford street rod, LaRue H., Mark C., Rob H. & me. We would pick up Ricky B. down the road a ways. We were sort of piddling around and looked up and off goes LaRue. He was determined to leave on time. So we let him have a head start… he would need it. As the rest of us headed for the expressway, Tim K. showed up in his window-less Thing.

Bobby fell back and waited for him as he tanked up on some 87-octane. I checked on them and then headed off myself, to try to “pull in the reigns.” So, yes, we started out as a rather “dispersed group.” It made it kind of interesting, though. I caught Ron & Mac before we hit the Nonconnahbaun. The 3 of us caught LaRue & Mark just as we were on the outskirts of Memphis. LaRue had slowed to about 52 in a 65, so I thought he wanted me to pass/lead. So, I ran it up to a blazing 59, in an attempt to blow their barn doorS off.

That’s when I got sort of “blessed out” for taking off and leaving him; immediately followed by my lecture on speedometer calibration (in fun). I volunteered to check out the second rendezvous in Collierville for others and let LaRue and the rest go on. And that is where Bobby & Tim caught us.

One more stop before our pack was complete. We made a road trip event of stopping to pick up Ricky B. at the Truck Stop near Hwy 302. We carefully coordinated the potty breaks to ensure that we only went one-at-time; thereby lengthening the fun time that we were having… like pointing out LaRue’s Transporter’s steady oil drip. Some of us were stressing about it, but LaRue reassured us by making a leg lifting gesture at it and stating that he had 6 quarts of oil in the back. I asked if he had an I.V. that we could hook up. Then the jokes started. Typical dog pound… but we were a sled team, finally!

With a 20 mph crosswind out of the North, we continued on our 100-mile trek to the East and the promised land of hot rods and shiny trophies. Though there was not a cloud in the sky, there was some “ground fog” following right behind LaRue. I think all of the mosquitoes in north Mississippi were obliterated. Tim says next time, he is using those windshield tear-offs you see in the NASCAR races.

We arrived right on time. This was the 2nd Annual show and the lot was filling. 3 other members, who are “out-of-towners” were already there with their VWs; Phillip & Mona S. and Jim J. That brought our total to 10 VWs and 1 street rod! That’s pretty good support.

That was fun, telling you about our trip. But I guess I better fill you in a little on this open car show. It is held at the Alcorn Central High School, a little east of Corinth, MS. It is a fundraiser for the school and is promoted, at least in part, by one our members, Lee Ann H. This was especially troublesome for Lee Ann this year. You see, she is about 6-months pregnant. If that is not bad enough, she came down with the flu just a day or two before the show. And, then, get this, she still shows up for the latter part of the show! That is some kind of commitment… or should she BE committed? Ha!

Lee Ann, it was a great show. The car show was in the front of the school. Then, behind the school, were all sorts of other fun things going on, like a bunch of space walks for the kids, live band(s), line dancing (how DO they do that?), cake walks, and some sort of bungee cord race thing. But you will have to ask LaRue about that one. I heard he did some sort of special exhibition, like nobody has ever seen before. You know, he is also a skydiver. Heh.. heh

I think we made an impression on at least a few of the local high school kids. They especially liked Mark’s camper Vanagon; so much so that I had to chase 2 or 3 of them out of it. The one thing they didn’t like was that the cook stove was hard to light. You owe me, Mark!

Of course, I took lots of pictures and talked to some fellow car crazies. This was a massing of some sweet rides. However, there was a yellow Ford Torino with a high-rise manifold under a pair of 4-barrels and a scoop, with some loud pipes that idled pretty rough. I tried to talk Rob into going over and offering to adjust the idle. But he quickly rejected the offer. So, what’s with that? He said it was something to do with a cam… do I have one? That altered roadster drag car seemed to have the same problem. Hmmm. Must have gotten bad fuel at the same station. Maybe it was bad. Hmmm … maybe I’ll do a tech article on that. Ha ha.. Just kidding

We all did pretty well in the awards department. Our group even won the Best Club Participation plaque. Only thing (pun) was that Jim’s Thing ended up in the Open class with some radical rides, since there was not a class for him. I thought he should have gotten a first place, just because he had the only one where the doors lifted off. Yeh, that’s the ticket. AND it is a nice one too.

Here is how we placed, in alphabetical order:

Club Participation

Bobby B. 2nd

Ricky B. 1st

Mark C. 2nd

Bill C.1st

LaRue H. 2nd

Brian H. 1st

Jim J.3rd

Mona S. 1st

Phillip S. 1st

All fun must end… for more fun. The return trip was more of an every-man-for-himself. We did not intend it that way, but several had other things scheduled and either left early or took a different route. Somehow, we lost LaRue! I trailered, so while I was loading, I guess he snuck off somewhere. He was not to be found as we left the school. So, it was just Bobby, Ricky and I for the mini-convoy back to Big-M. We are the TRUE dogs! Oww, oww, Owwoooo!

Now I’m not going to say it was an UNeventful trip. But I am also not going to give you the details here. Here is the first part of the formula, though: (’58 Beetle w/possible loose steering + 20 mph cross winds + 4-lane highway = ?)

I cannot close without thanking Lee Ann for inviting us and working so hard to make this show a success. She even called to make sure we all made it back to Memphis okay. I could only vouch for 3 of us. But since I didn’t pass any VW carcasses, I had to assume the rest made it home too. Oh, and we are also very thankful for the clear, sunny weather with which we were so blessed.

Air Bill



Road Trip!


Back of the Pack Dog’s Eye View




Phillip S.'s Beetle



Jim J.'s T-181 Thing



Martin was one of the DOGZ!



Bobby, almost back to 385

What else was there to do at Lee Ann’s VW & Car Show?

LaRue's Transporter


1.      A great sounding rock band

2.      Niña & LaRue dancing for the photo ops.

3.      Line dancing by a local group.

4.      Mark C. smokin’ LaRue in the bungee race.

5.      LaRue and Niña getting married.

6.      Great barbeque sandwiches & plates

7.      Elizabeth & Leslie competing in the cakewalk. Leslie won cookies and a pecan pie.*

8.      Plenty of smiles and sunburn

*It might be the other way around.

LaRue & Mark won 2nd place trophies in their classes.

“Crash LaRue”