- By Herschel D. -


 1.       Q: When did the VW Beetle wear “heart” taillights?

A: From October 1952 to late 1954.

2.       Q: In what year did the Type 4 bus gain a Type 4 engine?

A: 1976

3.   Q: There was a VW model called a “Country Buggy.” What was it?

A: It was a kind of scaled down “Thing” that was made in Australia.

4.   Q: What chassis did the Karmann Ghia sit on, Type I, 2. 3 or 4? 

     A: It was a widened Type 1 (Beetle) chassis.

5.   Q: What was the last year of the Super Beetle?.

A: It was discontinued during 1976.

6.   Q: IN what model year did VW finally add a rear window defroster to the Beetle?

A: 1968


1.       What was the very last model year of the U.S. importation of the Beetle Cabriolet, 1979 or ’80? 

2.       What was the first year that VW made a Camper available in their bus lineup?

3.       Name to the month when the VW Karmann Ghia first went on sale.

4.       When did the Bus get flat, press on hubcaps? 

5.       What is a “Model 14” VW?

6.       When did the VW Beetle have a single center mounted exhaust pipe?


Correction; Last month’s December answer number 3 was accidentally changed from Brezel to “Brazil” by Microsoft Word’s spelling “corrector!”

Answers next month, along with new questions.