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VW Horizons

By Bill C.

New Beetle Changes

VW Beetle Changes? – We probably all know that the New Beetle is built on the Golf (4) platform. So, with the news that Golf will soon (1-year) go to the Golf 5 platform here, you might wonder about plans for the beloved “NuBee.” Sources say that the New Beetle will remain on the Golf 4 platform. The philosophy of minimal change that held true for the vintage Beetle is carrying over to the New Beetle, I guess.

The source that made the statement even said, “The Beetle is not a car; it is a friend that lives in the garage.” I fully agree; especially when it comes to “Lightning,” “Verty,” and “Jungle Jim.”


For Sure

VW Microbus Return VW officials have signed off on the design of the new Microbus that will run on the Eurovan platform. Production should begin in 2006.