FEBRUARY 2004 - V'dubber of the Month

Terry S.’s 1998 New Beetle

by Bill C.-

The name Terry S. may not beep a Bosch Beetle horn with all of you, especially our newer members. That is because Terry lives in Jackson, TN and, of course, has a little trouble making it to our meetings and events. But, he has been a member almost forever. And, bless his VW transaxle; he has made it to enough gatherings to “make the cut” this month.

Terry’s wife is Anita. They have 3 daughters that graduated from UT Knoxville and a 12-year-old son, Matt. All of their daughters live in the Knoxville area. To support his family in a manner to which they have become accustomed, Terry has worked for several large trucking companies over the years. He now owns a small truck company based in Jackson that delivers around west Tennessee. The girls have attempted to wear out several Golfs and Jettas. But Terry has managed to keep them road worthy and rolling for those trips back and forth across our state. Matt is his father’s son, a future Vdubber. He is already making plans to restore one of his dad’s many VWs, an ’80 Rabbit pickup; and he wants to pump up the engine some too. He has already learned to drive it. Well… Boys will be… men.

Terry’s featured VW is a 1998 New Beetle. His wife drives a 2000 Passat; while Terry’s daily driver is a ’93 Eurovan. Then there are several others in various states of repair: (Matt’s) ’80 Rabbit pickup truck, ’76 Rabbit, ’70 Ghia, ’65 Squareback, ’63 Camper and several Things. Whoa!

Text Box: 1970-1973 
Type-3 Fastback Model 311 w/U.S. Taillight Lens

Now, back to NuuBees. Way back in January of 1998, Terry and Jim Johnson, both yelled “ROAD TRIP,” and headed to the Detroit Car Show to checkout the new New Beetle, and maybe a few other cool cars. Terry’s order was right near the top of the waiting list at Gossetts. So, in March of 1998, when their first truckload of NuuBees was on the way, they had him come and do a “pick of the litter” from the manifest. “The Yell-LO WON.” Yes, Terry figured if he was going to get REEALLY noticed, it needed to “jump out at you.” Appropriately, his baby was named “Yellow Fever.” It has a black interior and 5-speed, behind a 2.0 gasoline engine, with a low VIN (Vehicle ID Number).

He called VW of America and requested a “Birth Certificate” and found that Fever was born DEC 19, 1997. Being the first NuuBee in Jackson, Fever drew a lot of smiles and thumbs-ups. It has also received trophies at the 2000, 2001 & 2002 Roswell, NM New Beetle Conventions for being the oldest New Beetle present. His streak was broken due to a work conflict in 2003. There’s also some story about a yellow, low altitude UFO in west Texas in June of 2002. I think Jim Johnson is a witness.

Besides winning trophies at our VWs Over Memphis Show, Terry has fun making the trip to the “Busses-No-Where-Near-the Arch” VW campout on Mark Twain Lake near Hannibal, MO each Labor Day weekend. ( As well as meeting and making friends with all the other Vdubbers, he really enjoys the 100-mile caravan. I guess it must be a little bit of that truck connection sneaking out.

Congratulations to Terry. We’re glad to have him in our VW family

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