- By Herschel D. -


1.   Q: About when did Dr. Porsche first dream of creating a people’s car?

A: In the mid-1920’s, he tried, unsuccessfully, to get Daimler of Germany, interested.

2.   Q: What company actually assembled the first 1938 Kdf-Wagens?

A: Daimler Benz, using bodies built by Reuters.

3.  Q: The term “ brezel” is applied to a certain model of VW in Europe, what does it mean?

A: “Brezel” means pretzel in German, it is what the pre-1953 VW rear window looks like to Europeans

4.   Q: In what post WWII year did VW get around   to creating a deluxe VW that was more suitable to export than the plain Jane “home market” beetle that was little changed from the old Kdf-Wagen? 

     A: In 1949.

5.   Q: True or false, the VW model name “Golf” is homage to the popular game.

A: False, the name is a German name for a kind of wind.

6.   Q: For what model year did VW change the name of their hatchback  from “Rabbit” to “Golf?”

A: In 1983.

* There was no Trivia column for January ’04.


FEBRUARY’S - New Questions

1.       When did the VW Beetle wear “heart” taillights?

2.       In what year did the Type 4 bus gain a Type 4 engine?

3.       There was a VW model called a “Country Buggy.” What was it?

4.       What chassis did the Karmann Ghia sit on, Type I, 2. 3 or 4?

5.       What was the last year of the Super Beetle?

6.       IN what model year did VW finally add a rear window defroster to the Beetle?   

- Answers next month, along with new questions -