Rear-View Mirror

-Bill C. -

I must say, it has been both interesting and boring, buried in my recliner, recovering from an “extreme makeover” (kidding). I’m glad that I’m all snuggly by the fire, but wishing I could be out in the bug garage, coughing and sneezing in the cold. So, I’m having to make do, watching about 12 hours of tapes of the Barret-Jackson Auction that ran on Speed last month. Always prepared, I have already watched 2 days worth of the 2003 FIA World Rally Championship “marathon.”

But I have to say I was taken, again, when I caught the news about the Cuban refugee attempt to make it to the U.S. in the 1959 Buick turned powerboat. I’m old enough that I built an AMT 3-in-1 custom model kit of one of these (liked the fins). Of course, the builder of this escape vehicle also built the 1951 Chevy truck, turned pontoon boat months earlier. Can you believe this? I mean; I have had actual (sleeping) dreams of driving or riding in a car in the water (floating), with some inflatable tires that I must have felt were really buoyant. Seeing that car in the ocean sort of brought a weird chill. I just wonder if we might have shared a common dream; or if he has just been watching to many old VW flicks. Probably a little of both.

Well, back to reality; back to work; back to our “winter projects.” See you at the February meeting.

Air (?) Bill