Drop Your Top in Eureka Springs 2003

- By Bill C.

AUG 22-24, 2003 – Eureka Springs, AR It was the 11th anniversary of the Eureka Springs show this year. Though this year’s weather was warmer than the last couple of years, entries pushed the old record of approximately 300 VW show entries.

Get out your crying towel. I thought that being the “Lone Wolf” and not having any other of our members would be the bad part of this trip. Nope. Actually, one of our distant members from Marion, IL, Bill P., was there.

I towed “Lightning” with a tow bar again this year. But it must have been time for Arkansas Highway Department to put fresh rocks on their roads. Yup, Lightning got “rock blasted” all across the front of his newly painted fat fenders and apron. I’m still trying to recover from the shock and depression. Ughhhh… and still crying

Well, I waited too long (2 months in advance) to get into the host motel. So we stayed across the street, for the same price at a place that was anything but a “Joy.” Wink-wink. Advice: Cross that one off your list, unless you LIKE green pool water. Oh, I’m bad.

But things finally started looking up. Registration went real smooth (since I pre-registered) and I found a good parking spot with the NEAVF members, right next to Tom L. & his “Duffy” Super Beetle, which he sold the day of the show. But he kept the trophy!

As always, we were provided a fine cookout Friday evening; all you dare to eat; leaving an hour or so of daylight for cleaning up our veedubs and socializing with fellow enthusiasts. After covering Lightning (Bug) with a rather stretched out car cover, I discovered a new use for our club door magnet signs; EXCELLENT “car cover hold-down!” Finally, time to relax!

Being from Tennessee, I had agreed to “volunteer” to help with judging. So, Saturday morning I tried to arrive good and early to finish up with my cleaning. I was definitely not the early bird. Lots of vendors, both inside and out. And, oh my goodness, what a CROWD of fine VWs. The place was a veritable beehive of activity. No problem, though. I was all ready by the time we started sending out the judging teams at 9:00. My partner from CAVF and I had a big class of over 20 cars to locate and score. So we stayed busy for 3 or 4 hours before finishing up where I could get back to enjoying the show and snapping off almost 200 digital pictures.

At about 2:30, we started lining up our VWs for the big parade through Eureka Springs old downtown district. This is really what I came for. I was so looking forward to it. Everything was doing great… until we stop for what seemed like an eternity on a big, long downhill grade. I never found out the reason for the delay. But when we started up again, my old buddy Lightning got sick; wasn’t getting enough fuel. After having to pull out of line about 3 – 4 times, he refused to go any further. After discovering the parade had passed, I swallowed my proud and accepted a ride from a fellow vdubber back to the motel to get my truck and tow bar. No more fun for me and Lightning; I almost missed the awards ceremony and no Saturday night cruising through Eureka Springs with Connie either. (Whiny-pie tears go here.)

I later found my fuel filter was fully plugged with RUSTY WATER! But, after draining my tank, I found the only water was the stuff in the filter. Whoa is me. See? You are not the only one with problems. Next year WILL be better.
Deflated Air Bill

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