MAY 2002 - Volkswagen of the Month


Andy Ws 67 Beetle

- By Roxanna J.

Some things in life are destined to be. Your spouse, your job, your children, and in the case of Andy W's, his car! Andy's 1967 VW Beetle is our VW of the month for May.

In 1980, Andy had just recently married, and was looking for a car to replace his wife's 1972 Torino, when he answered an ad in the local newspaper. The owner and his address looked very familiar. It turned out, the owner was a classmate of Andy's in their senior year of high school. Andy and "Fritz" became acquainted at that time for a mere $600.00, a deal!

Poor "Fritz" was in sad shape. His clutch was gone, as were the brakes. Well, bare metal to bare metal, which enabled some braking. I wonder, did you have to put your feet down, like Fred Flintstone? But "Fritz" was a "deal!" And we all know that "deal" is the key operative word for this special car!

About the time Andy bought "Fritz" he also got together with 8 others and formed The River City Air Coolers VW Club, which we now, of course, know it as

Mid-South VW Club. He continued to improve "Fritz" and also helped to organize car shows, cruise-ins and just generally tried to promote VW's as a hobby in the Memphis area.

"Fritz" was a daily driver from 1981 to 1996 when he was retired to do a proper "true make over." "Fritz" is Andy's 7th VW, and probably won't be his last.

VW's! You can never have just one!