APR 2001 - V'dubber of the Month

Chris F.

Bill C.-

Chris' latest addition to the family was "adopted" about 6-months old. Of course this 1969 is small, for a "baby" of 32 years of age. But it does have a 1600cc engine with dual 34 ICT Weber carbs and solid state ignition.

It had some bad teeth, a weak heart, fallen arches, acne, and astigmatism. So being a good father and resident Volks Dr., Chris booked an operating room and has begun the first surgeries to complete the make-over.

In non-medical terms, the "Dr." had to overcome some obstacles. When he brought it home, the ignition point gap had closed; there was no valve clearance; one of the carburetors was missing an internal jet with the remaining threads stripped; and all of the number 1 piston rings were lined up (not good).

But the patient is recovering. Chris found a set of carbs on Ebay (thanks to the help of Tom J.). The top-end has been reworked, and now has a strong "heart", but has a little ways to go. Chris plans to install smaller jets to get it pumping really good.

So, soon, it will be time for bodywork and paint. This will also include new floor pans and front apron. The interior is under construction. And Dad Chris is really satisfied with how his baby is growing up. It might even be a sprinter.