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- By Herschel D. -


  1. "Hupe" is German for horn.

  2. Starting about 1961, the Beetle's bumper brackets went from being black to silver.

  3. The first VW Eurovan was a 1993 model.

  4. The Beetle got a passenger side sunvisor in 1961, as standard equipment.

  5. The last Beetle to be built at the original Wolfsburg, Germany factory was made on July 1, 1974 at 11:19 A.M.

  6. The most famous VW drag race car of all time was the "Inch Pincher." Actually, there were two. Inch Pincher and Inch Pincher II. I believe the first one was built from a 1956 model. They were driven by Darryl Vittone, whose family owned Economy Motors. I remember reading that one of the cars is lost but has been replicated and the other still exists in much changed form. If I recall correctly, they had a major connection to the famous EMPI parts outfit. This as back in the '60s and '70s,

APRIL’S - New Questions

    1. What company made the official air-cooled era promo miniatures and in what scales?
    2. The Porsche 914 was called a VW-Porsche in Europe because it had several VW components, including the engine. Which engine?
    3. In what year was the first owner's manual published?
    4. What VW part is called a "Winker" in German?
    5. Which is the correct spelling of the German company that made the Type II Camper - "Westfalia" or "Westphalia?" I've seen BOTH in the national magazines!
    6. What do Germans call themselves?

- Answers next month, along with new questions -