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VOL. 11, NO. 2

AUGUST, 2000

(Pronounced - "Dahs Muhndstook", means "The Mouthpiece."

1. Actually there is no difference between a convertible and a cabriolet. It's really a trick question, except that half a century ago a "cabriolet" meant a 2-seater open car with roll-up windows and a "convertible sedan" (that's what "convertible" is short for) had the roll-up windows and a back seat. With only detachable side curtains they were "roadster and touring car."

2. The Beetle had glass covers over the sealed beam headlights only as a result of converting bulb headlights to U.S. spec. sealed beam units. Sealed beam lights were first installed on most American cars in 1940. I used to think that it was to have brighter lights, but that was never so. The sealed beam was adopted to be more permanently
sealed against light-dimming moisture invasion. So, Euro-spec. headlights are simply grommet sealed lights instead of permanently sealed ones.

. Who is J. Mays? That's really a no brainer! He's one of the designers of the New Beetle. Interestingly, he's gone on over to Ford Motor Co. and created the Y2K Thunderbird show car which is slated for production and like the New Beetle is a modern reminder of the original 2-seater 1956 Thunderbird.

4. The VW Thing (Type 181) was made from 1969 into the early '80s but only imported into the U.S. in 1973-'74.

5. "Lichtmachine" is German for generator.
1. In what model year did VW build their first production Ambulance?

2. In what model year did VW begin to include an automatic choke?

3. When did VW synchronize all four gears?

4. What is a "trafficator?"

5. In what model year did VW add the "5 MPH" bumpers to the Beetle?

6. The size of the Transporter wheels changed twice during the split window production run. When?
- By Herschel D - .
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2nd Annual
Volkswagens Over Memphis

October 21, 2000
Sponsorships of October 21, 2000 2nd Annual Volkswagens Over Memphis are as follows: $70.00 per class, this will entitle the sponsor to their name on 1 set of 1st and 2nd Place Trophies and a lot of publicity (All Proceeds go the the Memphis Zoo). (Club Members)->Please start preparing and if you would like to volunteer to help, which is needed desperatelty, contact Bobby.
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1514 Wild Goose Run - ST. CHARLES, MO 63303
     It's time again to make plans to attend the premier Midwest VW Type 2 camping event! We were delighted to host over 150 Busses last Fall, and with the recent event coverage in the Aug. '99 of "VW Trends magazine, the response for this year has already been terrific. Come join us for the upcoming "Busses Nowhere Near the Arch" camping weekend support by NEATO & LIMBO. This family camping event will feature a gathering of VW Transporters of all types and era's from all over the USA. While predominantly a Type 2 event, all models of VW are welcome to camp with us! We are looking forward to seeing both you and your Type 2 amidst all the "Split Windows", Vanagons, Eurovans as well as other VW's this Fall.
     "Busses Nowhere Near the Arch #16" will be held rain or shine over the long Labor Day Holiday weekend, Friday through Monday, Sept 1, 2, 3, & 4, 2000. We will gather at the group use campground at "Indian Creek Recreation Area." This US Army Corps of Engineers campground is located on the 18,000 acre Mark Twain Lake, about 30 miles southwest of historic Hannibal, Missouri. This is a beautiful, Federally run campground with paved roads and pads and nice facilities. Most conveniences are available in nearby Monroe City or Hannibal.
     On both Friday and Saturday evening we plan to have campfires, live music, VW and other "usual" door prizs, and part swapping in addition to the "site-to-site" socializing and "Bus-banter" that this VW camping event is famous for. On Saturday morning we're planning another of our famous Bus caravans over to historic Hannibal, boyhood home of  Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. "Mark Twain". You'll have lots of time to explore the haunts of his
hometown, or tour "Injun Joe's Cave." You won't want to miss it! On Saturday evening owners choice awards will be presented in several Type 2 classes in addition to vendor and participant donated door prizes. If you have a neat VW item to donate, bring it along. On Sunday you're free to enjoy the lake or visit other regional highlights. It should prove to be a relaxed, fun weekend full of great Volkswagen experiences.
The camping facilities at Indian Creek include our own large, private "Busses Nowhere Near the Arch" group area with some electric hook-ups (first come, first served), fishing, water-sports (bring your water toys), playground, huge pavilion, toilet and shower facilities and a nearby boat ramp. The all inclusive camping/event fee is $25 per VW for the entire weekend. Only VW's that are registered and camping will be admitted into the BBTA group area! Now, please read that last sentence again! Sites in the BBTA group area can not be reserved in advance. The gates to our group campground will be opened for arrivals and site selection at about noon on Friday. If you arrive earlier, you could stay nearby in the regular Indian Creek public campground. Although there should be plenty of room , the earlier you arrive the better.
We're looking forward to your arrival for a holiday weekend full of Volkswagen fun. Please pass the word around to your VW friends about this Volkswagen camping festival held over the long Labor Day Holiday weekend! Wipe down and pack up those Transporters for the cruise to Mark Twain Lake for the "Busses Nowhere Near the Arch #16" camp out on Sept 1, 2, 3, & 4, 2000 near Hannibal, Missouri.
New Motor
By Herschel D. -

Well, after 12 good years of use the 40 horse engine in my '65 has locked up. Due to the fact that it is my daily driver, and the higher interstate speed limits, I've decided to upgrade the engine! It's going to have a 1600! That also means that I'm going 12-volt!

So Herschel's car is going to have more "zip" than it ever had before! I enjoyed making the 6-volt system work well against all belief that that's even possible (I've watched you smile at the still "dim" headlight as the car sits with its engine idling). But that's not when the lights are at their road-lighting brightest. It's when the RPMs are even a little revved up such as when driving. But, that 1600's got to be 12-volt and I can take advantage of the easier availability of 12-volt stuff.
By Herschel D. -

How'd ya' like last month's 2-column look of the newsletter? Best ever, don't you think?! Chalk that up to Bill C.! He says "all" he did was follow the format of Rich H's article. Well, whatever, BEST newsletter ever! Thanks! Bill, by the way, recently had shoulder surgery and did the July issue just before he went into the hospital. It's Bill that is putting the pages together after the rest of us fax or E-mail our work to him, and he photocopies and staples them, too. Thanks AGAIN, Bill!
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AAC - Commonly known as the Piech-up truck, the Advanced Activity Concept is a disguised look at what to expect with the 2002 Volkswagen SUV being co-developed with Porsche. The AAC sits atop a four-wheel independent wishbone suspension, limited-slip rear differential and 19-inch wheels. The unibody construction, integrated front bumper, short front overhang and steeply raked windscreen will be SUV features. While VW says it won't build this truck, it won't deny eventually building one like it off the SUV platform. AAC's power comes from a VW-developed V10 turbodiesel that produces a peak 330 horses and a whopping 553 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. Don't expect to see the AAC engine in the SUV at intro. To handle all that torque, there's a VW-developed transaxle/transfer case - VW is "seeking a partner" to build it.
Source: AUTOWEEK p. 21, JANUARY 24, 2000
VW Horizons
KARMANN -built Beetle cabrio coming in 2002 ...
Source: AUTOWEEK p. 13, JANUARY 24, 2000
CY2001 -
Passat Plus, with 270-hp 3.0-liter and 300-plus-hp 4.3-liter V8s.
Passat coupe, based on next-generation A4.
Turbocharged 4.3-liter V8 Passat coupe Rsi.
Beetle with 204-hp V6, all wheel-drive.

CY2002 -
VW/Porsche joint venture SUV, which will look much like the AAC pickup concept (above).
Beetle convertible.
Gold cabrio with folding metal top.
V12 VW luxury sedan to compete with big Mercedes and BMWs.
Source: AUTOWEEK p. 41, APRIL 10, 2000
BUGGED OUT - Volkswagen has introduced a pair of limited-edition Bugs, both offered only on the Internet. The Limited Edition Reflex Yellow New Beetle GLS ($21,550) is painted Reflex Yellow and includes the 1.8-liter turbocharged engine, a six speaker stereo, a sunroof, cruise control, leather and A/C. The Vapor Blue version ($19,400) is painted silver blue and is similarly equipped except for its less potent 115-hp, 2.0-liter base engine.
Source: CAR & DRIVER p. 33, AUGUST 2000