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BGW Spectre

Bradley GT - Temp. Disabled. Reported Attack Site - 7/7/2009 at

Bug-gatti - Sorry, site down at

Creative Car Craft 
(Fiberglass Body Parts)

Glass Station

Glass Action
formerly Innovations in Fiberglass 

(Fiberglass Body Parts)

Hawkeye Buggies

Kit Cars

Kit Car Builder (Magazine)

Kit Car Magazine

KoobleKar - Kooble Kar (Kublewagen) Kits, Commando (KDF) Kits, Kountry Kar (Country Buggy) Kits

Laser 917 - Sorry, out of business at

Manx Dune Buggy Club

Is it a REAL Manx?

Meyers Manx
Manxter 2+2!

Mark V Fiberglass

Sterling Sports Cars

Wilderness Electric Vehicles (Conversion Kits)


Kit Car Magazine 2008 Annual Buyer's Guide

Street Rod Garage

Street Beasts

Downs Design

Superformance - Cobra, Super Seven, & Coupe

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