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Electronic Newsletter Only (Emailed color PDF file) - Membership

1-Year NEW Membership   
or)    Non-Discounted Membership
(Color, emailed file, "electronic" Newsletter) $10  


2-Year NEW Membership
(or) Reactivation of Expired Membership for 2-yrs
(1 Regular @ $10, 1 Early Discount @ $8)
(Color, emailed file, "electronic" Newsletter) $18  

1-Year ON-TIME (Discounted) RENEWAL ONLY   
(Color, emailed file, "electronic" Newsletter)  
of Current Membership $8   

2-Year ON-TIME (Discounted) RENEWAL ONLY   
of Current Membership (NOT for new memberships)
(Color, emailed file, "electronic" Newsletter) $16 

Membership with USPS Mailed, B/W Paper Newsletter  

1-Year New or Renewed Membership
(USPS Mailed B/W Newsletter) $15



2-Year New or Renewed Membership
(USPS Mailed B/W Newsletter) $


Membership: Full-Time Students Only  

1-Year Full-Time Student Discount Membership (Color Electronic or USPS Mailed B/W Newsletter):   
New & (On-Time) Renewal $5   


For-Sale or Want Ad (Non-Members) $5 for 3-mo.
No Charge for Full Members - All should Contact Webmaster first

MISCELLANEOUS PAYMENTS - Use to make various payments, purchases, etc., & note in comments